Who is Shazza - Shazza




A peer-to-peer car rental platform, Shazza is changing the way we rent cars in Dubai, one drive at a time. We connect private car owners and car rental companies with renters through our easy and user friendly app.


"Shazza’s vision is to be New and Better. Our goal is to be the new and better standard for the car matchmaking industry."


Carpreneurs, as we call them, have access to a new and unique concept in the UAE - turning your car into a money making asset. Shazza is a one-stop-shop to manage all aspects related to your Carpreneurial journey: no signup fees, easy calendar management of bookings, quick payouts, efficient communication platform and more! For renters, they can easily filter through the many options by car type, price, ratings and much more, to find the car they need for the best price.

The Shazza service includes

  •       No sign-up fees for Carpreneurs or renters
  •       All-inclusive calendar management system of bookings
  •       Strong cyber security for users’ data and documents
  •       Payouts to Carpreneurs sent latest 18 days after end of booking
  •       Renters deposits held on Shazza’s payment gateway for 14 days
  •       Smart learning technology to assist in optimizing Carpreneur’s profits
  •       Instant-book and request-to-book options for all your needs
  •       Multiple insurance options for renters


Carpreneurs set their own rental prices, where Shazza takes a 20% service fee from the total  booking cost. From the renters, Shazza takes a 7.5% service fee per booking

As part of the sharing economy - and by extension, contributing to global sustainability - we level the playing field for consumers, open doors of opportunity and maximize readily available resources.


Owning a Beemer might not happen today, but who says you can’t drive one? If you can book it, you can drive it.