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Shazza Portal – “Know Your Client” (Carpreneur REQUIREMENTS) 


Definitions - The following terms are used throughout these terms and conditions and have  the following meanings  

Account: It refers to the account that the Users are required to register through the  App and/or the Platform to use the Services, including the required documents  needed to complete the Account registration.  

Agreement and Terms & Conditions: All terms and conditions and notices contained  or referenced in this document (as mentioned) and all other rules and regulations  available on all platforms (including but not limited to the Privacy Policy, guidelines,  and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Platform).  

App: Mobile application that displays all of SHAZZA services and charges including  current on-hires and previous rental history inclusive of vehicle insurance, licensing and any other required documents, payment overview,  pay-outs and the option for direct Vendor-to -Customer communication.  

Booking Confirmation: Any, and all written or electronically transmitted confirmation  orders sent by SHAZZA for a vehicle that may contain, including without limitation,  reservation number, the description of the vehicle, pick-up location, date and time,  drop-off location, date, and time, payment terms, quantity, duration of the vehicle  being rented and any special condition. 

Booking ID: A specific booking reference on each vehicle’s booking via the  application  and confirmation upon a booking with relation to the SHAZZA app itself. 

Customer: ‘you’ or ‘your’ collectively means a person or company renting out the  vehicle(s) from the Vendor via the SHAZZA app and/or platform.  

Early Return Charges: This means the penalty charges payable by the Customer in the  event of early termination of a Vehicle Rental Agreement by the Customer.  

Extensions: If the Customer would like an extension on the rental for an additional  period than the initial booking.  

Feedback: A review, comment, written or pictured given by a User of the SHAZZA platform. 

KYC: “Know Your Customer” a document and identification policy separate to  Terms and Conditions.  

Parties: Either Customer or Vendor or Both  

Platform: means any online tool(s) provided, processed, and/or maintained by  SHAZZA (including, but not limited to, through SHAZZA’s App, website, all subpages,  and subdomains, all Content, Services, and products available at or through the  Platform located at (WEBSITE NEEDED) or any other related domain offering access  to, or facilitating the provision of, the Services.  

Rental/Rented: The Customer pays for the days the car is rented out or if any add-ons are added,  they will also be considered as rental.  

Service means the online and/or offline services, provided by SHAZZA for the  provision and use of the technology that SHAZZA has developed for collaboration,  communication, and payment between the Vendors and the Customers, including  without limitation access to SHAZZA App, online community, communication tools,  and payment services. Note: The use of Client Data adhering to, and within the  guidelines of, the Protection of Personal Data under Federal Decree-Law No. 45 of  2021 on the Protection of Personal Data Protection. For further information on the  use of data you may find this under our General Terms and Conditions.   

Vehicle: The vehicle of a Vendor enrolled within the Platform that has been rented by  a Customer or agreed by a Vendor to be rented out to a Customer through the  Platform, and that includes its parts, components, accessories, and registration  documents.  

Vendor: The person(s) or company renting the vehicle to the Customer 

Wallet: An in-app feature used for future payments both as rental or non-rental, or  just to keep extra credit in time of need. Refunds may be given in credit and stored  within the Wallet function of the SHAZZA platform.  

UAE: United Arab Emirates. 


What is KYC? 

KYC or Know Your Client is in simple words a “Customer  Identification Process” carried out by all Companies that onboard their new Customers or in this case our Vendors. SHAZZA aims to provide our Vendors with complete transparency and peace of mind that both parties are securely vetted. Therefore both parties will undergo the KYC process. 


Why is the KYC process carried out? 


•  Before being able to rent a vehicle, it is important for SHAZZA to identify and verify who the Vendor is. 

•  To enable the SHAZZA  and any third party involved within the rental to understand and know the dealings of their client in order to carry out a smooth process. 

•     To comply with the relevant laws and regulatory guidelines. 

•  To prevent elements from using SHAZZA for money laundering activities and to report any suspicious or illegal activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations within the UAE. 

 How is the process carried out? 

The Vendor identification process is carried out through the collection of a series of documents. This simple and effective process creates a smooth and easy way to ensure you are a part of the SHAZZA family without further verification being required further into the rental process. 


Vendor Identification 

When SHAZZA  is approached by a prospective Vendor the following information is required in order to ensure the validity and authenticity of the person renting on the SHAZZA platform. 


The following documents will be required;  

1.   Passport or the Emirates Identity Card – if the individual is a resident in the UAE over the age of 21 years old. 

2.   Recent Utility / Ejari/ Bank Statement within the last 30 Days (Proof of Residence) which contains a complete physical address, telephone number etc. 

3.   United Arab Emirates issued driver's license or an International Driver's license with permissions to own a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates with a minimum 6 months of validity from issue. 

4.   The Insurance Policy to the related vehicle being rented. Please note this must be registered to the exact Vendor and match all identification documents. 

5.  For “Luxury” Vehicles, the rental age may be given at 25 years old as minimum please consult with SHAZZA and your Insurance provider before registering your Vehicle. 



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